Thursday, April 3, 2008

Maligaya / Matas Lawe / Aliwa / Silbi / Adalpakan

Maligaya (Joyful)

YUBS: I can die happy if you'll just give me a kiss.

CLACLA: I'll kiss you then I'll be the one who will kill you.

Matas Lawe (Regard Highly)

YUBS: At least when I'm with you my self-esteem increases.

KARAG: Ribit.

Aliwa (Another)

CLACLA: I saw you during the RocKapampangan album launch hanging out with another girl.

YUBS: What? That wasn't you?

Silbi (Function)

YUBS: Up to now you're still scared of bullfrogs?

CLACLA: Don't you like it that you become functional only when there are bullfrogs?

KARAG: Ribit!

Adalpakan (Stepped On Accidentally)

YUBS: I accidentally stepped on your sh*t a while ago on the street. Was suddenly reminded about my and Clacla's monthsary.

DAMULAG: Ngaaaa.

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