Sunday, April 13, 2008


Rebellion. A poem recognizing the importance of rebellion in historical progress.

Pamagrebeldi, nung dian keng kabaldugan
Ing mumuna kung ibiye, pamakilaban
E pamamintu king nung nanu’ing darasan
Ambuski mabinyagang makasalanan

Rebellion, if I'd be asked to define it / I'd say firsthand it's declaring battle / Disobeying what we were born into / in spite of being christened as sinners

Ing tau nung lalon tutu yang rebeldi
King kabilian na e kuntentung palagi
Anggang mate ya e ya magisan buri
Kunan na king pangimut o king pangadi

Man is a natural rebel / He is never contented / never-ending desires up until death / which he satisfies through efforts and prayers

Dati darapat basi king sálang atiu
Panyatang ning bengi, ala na, matudtud
Dapot inyang ayimbentu ne ing sulu
Lumbug ya man ing aldo, manakit, agyu

Available light used to dictate man's work / for when night crept in, it was slumber time / but when artificial light was invented / he could see even after sundown

Dati alipan ya ning temperatura
Nung malisangan man batan na ing dusa
Ngeni makágawa neng sariling dimla
Bista man kilub na mu ning silid na

He used to be slave of temperature / heat waves he can only endure / but today he can create his own cool / even though just cramped in his room

Dati makakulung mu king panimanman
Na ning tau ing kayang ababatiawan
Ngeni microscope para king protozoan
At telescope para king meto sikluban

He used to only see things / his eyesight is capable to reach / but today there's the microscope for the protozoan / and the telescope for the heavens

Dati ing utus na ning pekapun dili
Iya mu ing pamintuan, ala nang sasabi
Oneng ‘nyang ding makariking míkapáli
Uli ring rebeldi, sistema, mewaksi

Then, the order of the most high / was to be obeyed without objection / but when the underdogs had enough / the system was destroyed by the rebels

Nanu wari’ng sangkap ning pamagrebeldi
Bakit parati ta’yang daraptan ini
Kasi pin ing tau patye ‘tin yang buri
Suátan ne ing kasalungsungan a bili

What anyway is the element of rebellion / Why do we always do it / It's because when man wants something / he'll criticize the prevailing conditions

Nung alang rebeldi isipan mu na mu
Makananu ya mong sumulung ing yatu
Nung kapanatilian mung lagi ing atiu
Mistula ta’ng yelu, alang pamagbayu

Think about his: without rebels / how will the world run forth / for if only preservation existed / then we're frozen and unchanging

Ding mámagrebeldi ila pin ding atiu
King makapalalam a puestu king yatu
Nung nu karin matbud ya ing pangatau
Makasalale king upaya ning datu

Those who rebel are those / who are in the lower ranks of the world / where one's humanity is shaky / and dependent to the datu's authority

Ding sasalangsang karing mámagrebeldi
Ila pin ding sablang manyaman na bili
Anti mo ing amanung sadyang mepiling
Maging pambansang salita na ning RP

Those who oppose the rebels / are those enjoying the present system / like that language that was chosen / to be the national language of RP

Kalupa da pa ring pekapupugayan
King sikat a istilu ning pamaglalang
Nung e mak'wangis king karelang gagawan
E malyaring e da ka pamasibasan

And let's not forget the very cited / and well-known styles of art / which if you try to deviate from / you are sentenced to stoning

Sara-sarili tamu kapaniwalan
Ing mayap keka, karela kamulangan
Ing atin mu keti maina at masikan
Samsáman tamu mu angga king kayarian

We all have beliefs / What's moral for you is insanity for them / There's only the weak and the strong / fighting for space endlessly

Ing tinggasing kailangan nang alampasan
Ning metung a taung ating lalabanan
Ila pin ding pamansag da ring keraklan
Terorista, salbahi, pulus karokan

The obstacles that must be overcome / by rebels / are the demonizing labels / terrorist and savage, utmost evil

Nung king laban da, king tauli mangamúti
Karing libru, ila, mangasalibabi
Dapot nung magtagumpe la ring rebeldi
Kanita, kriminal la, ngeni, bayani

If they eventually fail in the battle / they will be filthy in books / but if they emerge triumphant / then they were criminals, now they're heroes

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